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TIM MARKS | Photography | Architecture Design | Art History

All images are original photography work I have taken over my years of studying Architecture, roaming out in the Landscape and attending as many Racing events as possible.

My style ranges from high gloss photography to hand painted watercolors. I try to experience different stylistic methods and techniques — Dramatic lighting, skewed perspective, and vibrant colors all assembled together to create a piece that I can be proud to display to the world.


Photography has always been a medium which I could use to partially achieve my vision of the subject. The other part, my creative design sense, strives to push the image beyond merrily recording the subject, or event but into a meaningful art piece that hits an emotional chord. Some times a vision quickly comes to fruition, however mostly I will spend many hours trying different techniques to achieve the vision in my mind.

I find myself looking to get that perfectly focused and composed photo when I take the shots and then do a 180 in the studio by degrading the clarity and adding texture or grain to get a different feeling to the image. I guess it’s my love of the simplistic ink sketches of Rembrandt and Degas’ charcoal studies that permeate my mind as I experiment with different digital techniques. Watercolor painting is my favorite art form and I have yet to achieve the digital effects to match what I can do by hand.  I always try to find a way or technique to render some of my images in a loose swipe of colors against a rough outline sketch. Still searching . .

Thank you for visiting my site, and I look forward to sharing more of my work in the future.TM Red Dot Logo

Contact me if you have any questions, or if you would like to share some of your work/techniques.

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